Saturday, June 8, 2013

Hurry up and Wait

So quick updates first:
-Still no paper orders or welcome packet
-AF ended up arriving, the whore.

Ugh. I was so hoping for this cycle for a number of reasons, one of which was to be able to tell my family in person. But now, that's not so much the case. So we're waiting now for go time. I've been taking a break from temping, since I usually ovulate pretty late, and its been very nice. I'll start back on Monday. That will be cd6 so that's more than enough time for Fertility Friend to catch a pattern. Never thought we'd still be trying at 6 months...but that's life. After this cycle, I'm taking a break for a little bit. My friend (more like a sister) is getting married next May and I want to be able to be there...especially since I'm the MOH. so I'll avoid a little for that and potentially for convention. We'll see. This cycle... I should be getting AF right after my brothers wedding, while I'm still home. So I'm not sure what I'll do about testing.

I'm getting really frustrated with the move. I NEED to apply for my no fee passport, and soon. It has similar processing times to a regular passport, and if we are expected to be there by September, I need to have it by August. I can't apply, however, until  we have orders. C went to his levy brief yesterday and gave them all the paperwork they needed, so we should have orders this coming week. If that whole situation wasn't enough, we have no idea what we will be getting into as far as housing. There's a lot of rumors but not a lot of straight answers. Since we do not have children (and apparently only one child would not change things), it looks like they would be putting us in a 2 bedroom apartment...not a fan. I've heard rumors that C should get an extra room authorization for his Army crap, but nothing concrete. I have an email into our post's housing office to see what they can tell us. I can't decide which scares me more...the idea of living in a 2 bedroom apartment or living off post and having a landlord that doesn't necessarily speak English.

Hopefully next week will bring more answers and better news!


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