Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Storm before the Calm

Most people talk about the calm before the storm...that moment where you know everything is about to hit, all at once.

I don't know that feeling. I know storm before the calm. I used to live in Oklahoma, where storms can appear suddenly, with no warning. That's what Army Life feels like, at least for me.

Right now, I'm in the middle of frenzied activity that will eventually calm as we move to Germany. I'm not worried about the actual travel, getting housing, even finding my way around. I'm worried about the first storm of getting all the paperwork in order. We're still waiting on H's RFO(Request for Orders), so we're on hold for most everything else. I have gotten my physical (and cleared!), gotten the rabies certificates (correctly done),for the animals... but that's as far as I can get right now. It's a storm that is coming and going...constantly keeping me on my toes. Once that RFO hits, BAM! we're off again, in another flurry of paperwork, cleaning, and organizing.

I'm waiting in the storm right now in the 2ww, 9 DPO and crossing everything I have that Vegas last weekend brought us the luck that this will be the month... A Valentine's baby would be nice, but I'll take any baby right now. :) 

Here's to waiting for another storm to hit.


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