Our babymaking journey

Referred off post to local infertility specialist October 2013

Started testing Nov 13: blood test, several ultrasounds,lifestyle and history questionnaire. HSG/laparoscopy on deck for March.
Me: anteflected uterus, oglio-amenorrhea(random/missed periods), bilateral ovarian cysts, mild hyperandroenaemia(elevated androgen). All symptoms of PCOS, but no official DX
Mister: normal, high volume.

Plan: begin stimulation with Clomid, HSG/lap in March if no success after first 2 cycles

Cycle 1-January 2014: Clomid for CD 5-9 (cancelled due to 1.25" cyst on R ovary)
Cycle 2- February 2014: Clomid for CD 5-9 (cancelled due to same cyst.)
Waiting for Tricare to approve laparoscopy with cyst removal.
Cycle 3- laparascopy
Cycle 4- June 2014: Clomid for CD 5-9 (Positive! LBM Born 8 MAR 2015)

Plan: Wait 3 years, then start trying for baby 2
BFP 21 JAN 2016, EDD 16 Sept 2016


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