Saturday, May 28, 2016

Where have I been?

Oh you know... doing the usual. Raising a now nearly 15 month old bucket of sunshine and toddler sass, exploring life as a stay at home mom, and waiting. Always waiting. C should be getting his next set of orders soon, so I am hopeful for great adventures in a new city/state, but hopefully back in the US.

Did I mention that I'm pregnant again? That was a shock. After years of treatment and negative tests, imagine my surprise that at an appointment to place an IUD the doctor tells me that won't be possible, as there's a little person in there. Imagine my shock to find out that it's another little boy who will be joining us in September (Oh, and we move in August. O.O I have lost my mind)

With Boy #1, the pregnancy I wrote of last time I wrote in here (nearly 2 years ago. Oy), we had a rough road. My OB couldn't believe my ridiculous (read: Absurdly normal, but poorly timed) weight gain, and so I was tested for Gestational Diabetes 4 times. and then had the shock of my life... and not in the pleasant way. After all that monitoring , all those blood tests, about 8 million ultrasounds.... My doctor missed a very crucial thing- my Son's intestines weren't inside his body.

I have a lot of writing to do, a lot of things to catch you up on. Know that my first son is fine now-you wouldn't even know what he had been through if you saw him now. I am varying levels of fine, depending on the day. My marriage is still one of the greatest blessings to my life. For all that has changed, for all that will change, there are still some constants like Family, Faith, and Food.

Friday, September 26, 2014

So what can change in 7 months?

A metric shit-ton, that's what. ;)

As of my last writing, I was unemployed, infertile, looking down the road at a surgery, and having a bit of sour grapes.


-I'm employed full time. I have a great job with a NPO here and love it even on the bad days.
-My surgery happened, and it was...something. Nothing life shattering or even truly helpful revealed. Everything looked fine. My cyst was removed, and apparently that + clomid was the magic potion because...

I'm pregnant! 17 weeks along now, with what appears to be a little boy. C and I are absolutely thrilled and can't wait to welcome him in March.

Being pregnant has caused a lot of feelings-I don't have the naivete I wish I did about pregnancy outcomes, and I felt for a long time like I was somehow going to jinx it all. I also am still very jealous of people who don't have issues getting to this point. But getting here has been great. Seeing baby boy on the ultrasound screen is the most amazing. Looking down and seeing the hint of a bump right in the midst of my scars is awesome. 

Hopefully I can begin to keep up at least a little better on this corner of the interwebs, I think it'll be nice to have a place to get the crazy out. :) 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Deep Thoughts with Jessica p2

My last post got almost two times the views of any other post I've written. I don't know know if it's just that I shared it on Facebook, or if something I wrote resonated with people. Either way... That was neat. And it's something that I worked hard on, even if it doesn't always show.

Since we left off, Mr and I have told our families what we are dealing with. While being "out" is somehow freeing, it's also a little nauseating. Since we're overseas, I had to do it via email. Waiting to see how everyone reacts is a little crazy for me. I keep triple checking email to see if I miss any responses, but I have to remember that there are few people who check their email as much as I do. 

In "let's talk about anything besides my uterus" news, Mr. is beginning the process of interviewing for commands. We are so thrilled for all the possibilities, and hopeful that things line up well for him. There is an outside chance that we will have to move... But we are both trying to not cross any bridges till we come to them. 

I was talking with a friend the other day about how things feel alternately insane and also like nothing is happening, and she summed it up perfectly. While I have a lot of big deals circulating in my head between my health/infertility, volunteer work, and possibilities with Mr's work.... My day to day is very slow. I do homework, occasionally go to emails, run an errand or two... There just isn't much to distract me from the big deals swimming around. I've started trying to declutter, which not only makes the apartment look better, it also makes me feel better. 

How do you stay occupied on a day to day basis? Are you a cleaner, crafter, or what?

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