Friday, September 26, 2014

So what can change in 7 months?

A metric shit-ton, that's what. ;)

As of my last writing, I was unemployed, infertile, looking down the road at a surgery, and having a bit of sour grapes.


-I'm employed full time. I have a great job with a NPO here and love it even on the bad days.
-My surgery happened, and it was...something. Nothing life shattering or even truly helpful revealed. Everything looked fine. My cyst was removed, and apparently that + clomid was the magic potion because...

I'm pregnant! 17 weeks along now, with what appears to be a little boy. C and I are absolutely thrilled and can't wait to welcome him in March.

Being pregnant has caused a lot of feelings-I don't have the naivete I wish I did about pregnancy outcomes, and I felt for a long time like I was somehow going to jinx it all. I also am still very jealous of people who don't have issues getting to this point. But getting here has been great. Seeing baby boy on the ultrasound screen is the most amazing. Looking down and seeing the hint of a bump right in the midst of my scars is awesome. 

Hopefully I can begin to keep up at least a little better on this corner of the interwebs, I think it'll be nice to have a place to get the crazy out. :) 


BabyBlueSunday said...

You know I am TOTALLY thrilled for you. I am so, so happy. Everything you have said here I identify with so much. It is really... different to be pregnant with a struggle. You know the bad outcomes, you feel like this is "too good to be true". I will tell you, baby boy won't "fix" that.. but it will be SO, SO much better :) Enjoy the pregnancy! When I started to get round I really loved it.

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