Friday, June 14, 2013


Have you watched How I Met Your Mother? It's one of my favorite shows. Marshall gets in a habit of saying "Lawyered" after winning arguments, as evidenced here:

Well, today, we got Armyed. Cody and I were so excited to have official paper orders, and get things scheduled! We had no problem scheduling the pick up of our belongings, the transportation agent said we shouldn't have any troubles getting a flight with our girls, everything was looking pretty good and by the weekend we'd be able to circle our departure date on the calendar.

Then, we were Armyed.

Turns out, there is no space for the pets on the flight to Germany we were scheduled on. And the flight out of San Diego they put us on can't handle a dog as big of JB.  The agent would look into other flights, and we were to talk to United (currently has the Gov't contract..) and a pet shipment company. Luckily, our agent understands that our pets are more than just pets for us. They are not LIKE children, they are the closest thing we have to children. This agent gets that-and her priority is getting us on a flight with the girls, whether it's on a military flight or commercial. So here's our options, as of right now:

Option A: Change our military flight (Baltimore---> Air base in Germany) to a different date, fly and ship our car out of Los Angeles instead of San Diego.

Option B: Fly Commericially from Los Angeles to Frankfurt Airport, take a bus to inprocess at the Air Base, take a bus back to our post (20 minutes outside of Frankfurt, for those keeping track).

Option C: Keep all of our flights (Starting in San Diego), but ship the girls via PetAir, who will fly them into Frankfurt. We'd fly directly into the air base in Germany, then take a bus ride and pick the girls up after arriving at our post.

Cody has the feeling that we will be going with Option B, and I wouldn't be opposed to that... the 4 extra hours of travel feel like a little much for me, but if that's what we have to do, that's what we have to do.



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