Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Armyed, part 2.

Answer to the situation below was actually D, none of the above.

Our flight was moved to 2 September, which is C's report date. They are amending his orders to allow us to arrive a day later. We will be flying out of Baltimore, so we are driving over there. We could still fly commercially to Baltimore, but the Army will not cover costs for the Girls so we are taking it upon ourselves to cut costs a bit. We will hopefully be shipping the car earlier, so we will rent a car and do that drive, potentially stopping in with family along the way.

On the bright side- I am no longer worried about my passport not getting here in time, or not having enough time to pack and declutter and sell stuff.  I have more time to study German and the German driving laws too.

I'm a little sad to have to push everything back, because now we are using up Cody's leave, and he doesn't have that much to begin with. Plus I was actually looking forward to getting there and getting things figured out. Oh well!

Cody's class social got cancelled, I guess the commander didn't like them having it at a winery. So the plan for the weekend is to hang out and relax Friday night, then drive up Saturday and spend some time with my Grandpa and his companion.

The only constant in life is change. :)


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