Friday, December 13, 2013

OCONUS Jealousy

 By the time y'all are reading this, the Mr. and I are on our way to Paris for my birthday! I just wanted to share some thoughts about living overseas for the weekend.
If you live overseas for any amount of time, two things will happen. 
1. People will make you feel like you're not doing "enough" traveling at any given point. Maybe this is just a me thing, but we hear (often) about how everyone has all these plans for every. single. four day. See, if you were in the states,  your plans for a four day would probably be to relax, maybe see or do something in your town or just nearby, but that's about it.  Here, people go NUTS. The Mister is taking a four day for my birthday, and we're going to Paris. We're not traveling for Christmas or New Year's. When we say that...we get the wide, unblinking stare of disbelief. How DARE you have time off and not use it to see more of this country!

Look, we love it here, and we love travel. We just also have some debts to take care of, work to do, Pets that need us, and Doc appointments. We can't take off every month-and that's okay. We're still seeing as much as we can.

2. Related to number 1, your friends and family romanticize your time here. People say things like "I have no tips for you, not all of us can go to Paris for a weekend!". Or, "Gosh, I'm so jealous it must just be awesome to be there and get to Travel all the time".  Yes, it's awesome to be here. Yes, we feel very blessed to have these opportunities...however...

I get to go on a 4 day birthday trip to Paris, because I gave up having holidays with my family. 
I get to experience this wonderful culture, because I am willing to deal with the 6/7/8 hour time difference from people I love. 

Not everything here is rosy, and it's not wonderful all the time (But it is pretty close!). Just remember that being in Germany isn't all beer, schnitzel, and traveling throughout Europe. It's also missing home, missing family, and a language/culture barrier that is insurmountable at times.


Cassie said...

I'm really happy you get to take this birthday trip! It's easy to be jealous of the opportunity to travel and see beautiful sights in other countries but you're absolutely right, you are sacrificing time with your family, whom you love VERY much. I've never spent a Christmas without my mom and the thought of not spending that holiday with her makes me REALLY sad (thankfully a bridge I've not had to cross yet). You and Cody have had to spend time apart on many important days, so this trip is something that you will cherish for years to come. I know that just spending a birthday with him means the world to you, spending it in the city of lights is just icing on the cake. :) Joyeux anniversaire!

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