Tuesday, February 4, 2014


For the Mister's birthday, I surprised him with a trip to Bologna.  I know-it seems like a kind of weird location, but his fraternity traces their origin to Bologna so this was an absolute must see for us. 
We flew in Friday night, and immediately had an issue. Mr left his camera in our cab. :( We got one the next day, before our trip, but still. It was rough moment. Otherwise- our first night in was amazing. The hotel (Il Convento dei Fiori... Convent of the flowers) is an actual renovated convent. It is decorated in a beautiful modern style for the rooms, with the common areas retaining a lot of the old history. 
Painting of Jesus in the Breakfast Nook
Lobby Ceiling

We had a wonderful walking tour (thanks Mom!) on Saturday morning, followed by lunch at Eatly and then  Mr's walking tour to me of some important streets and gates. I don't know too much about why they are important...something about an evil Pokemon Pirate. (Full disclosure: I'm fairly certain there's more to it... but between what I can't know and what I didn't want to know.... as far as I'm concerned It's a Pokemon pirate)
Due Torri

Saturday night we had the BEST PIZZA OF MY LIFE. And I didn't get a picture of it or anything... just delicious pizza. Wood ovens are key y'all.  We ate it and watched Psych on his laptop.. it's the little things that make me realize I love him.

Neptune's Fountain

Sunday we chilled out. We window shopped, got our ornament, and relaxed some more. Another great dinner, and then packing up to head back to Germany.  Monday was another travel day.

This trip had such a different pace than our Paris trip. It was relaxing. It was simple. It wasn't a maddening rush to try and see everything! We just took it easy. Yes, there are some things we'd like to see if we go back, but we saw the absolute must-see's. I feel like we could easily do another 4 day in Paris and not see everything still.  It was a good juxtaposition for us. Bologna is definitely worth the day trip, if you are in Italy! The food was amazing (Better than Rome, in my opinion), and the scenery was great!
Arcades all through the city

We're taking February off from traveling. We're recouping and getting our act together. In March Mr's mom is coming to visit and we are thinking we'll take her on a quick trip to Luxembourg or Prague or something. Then in April Mister wants to rent a cabin... May I go to the states and we have the brigade ball, then July we both go to the states again! It's a crazy year we have ahead of ourselves. 


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I just can't handle your pictures sometimes, they are so insanely perfect! <3

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