Thursday, October 17, 2013


I kept trying to think of a creative title for this post, but I'm fairly certain there isn't one. 

I was SO EXCITED for yesterday- We found out our HHG (House Hold Goods) got here and would be delivered. Let me tell you... You don't realize how much you miss *your* couch and bed till you're without it for almost 2 months. It was even better because C's unit here is actually very understading and family oriented, so they told him to hang out here and help as much as he needed to, and even offered to reschedule his meeting with the commander.  I was so glad that I would be having help! What a novel concept. ;) 

As it is now, we had some losses this move. The lamp, tv stand, hall tree, and a serving dish are all damaged. Our bathroom things have been lost... so I'm out medicines, my makeup, and towels. I can (and will) be filing claims on all of it, but it just stinks to have your things broken! C and I have previously talked about replacing a lot of our furniture while we are here with good quality antiques.  It's just something we will have to keep up on--I'd hate to get to the end of our tour and not have replaced anything!
Today, We have people coming to pick up our rental furniture, so once that is gone I can unpack and settle more than just the kitchen. Looking forward to making this apartment our home!


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